This Innovative Biotechnology Company is Ready for the Future


A new member to NIHC, Hemp Synergistics, LLC is a cutting-edge biotechnology company that is making waves with specialized hemp-based ingredients and consumer products that are revolutionizing how hemp is used.

Hemp Synergistics partners with brands and healthcare professionals to incorporate THC-free and standardized hemp products into their offerings.

“We leverage science and hold several patents on technology for the processing of hemp, including an all-natural powderized hemp oil,” says Ron Fazio, Chief Operating Officer. “It is a polysaccharide encapsulated product designed for the nutraceutical, food and beverage industries. It’s an all-natural, all-vegan product that does not use water or any artificial chemicals, yet has a much higher concentration of distillate than emulsified alternatives.”

Fazio (pictured) found his way into industrial hemp through a career in law enforcement. Like many others in the industry, he saw opportunity and had the ingenuity to pursue it.

He is a former board-certified forensic scientist with over 20 years of controlled substance experience. Fazio has managed numerous accredited forensic labs, multi-discipline labs, and multi-site crime labs for over twenty years. Through public-private partnerships, he has overseen the installation of 5 new crime labs in law enforcement facilities, bringing fast and local controlled substance testing to sites who needed to solve backlog and turn-around time issues.

Fazio developed and launched Integrated Forensic Laboratories, the nation’s first full-service, accredited, and private crime lab. He helped grow operations to 3 locations before coordinating the sale of the company. As Laboratory Director, he introduced and implemented lean production scheduling and processing methods for each lab section, which resulted in a 3 day or less timeline for 90% of submitted cases.

In addition to his significant multi-site operational leadership experience, Fazio is well-versed in controlled substance diversion control and physical security. He held multiple state and federal DEA permits for purchasing, handling, storing, and transporting controlled substances.

Hemp Synergistics realized there was a need for an all-natural dry powder hemp product. “For supplements and food product companies, a big problem is hemp extract oil is difficult to work with and tastes bad. Traditional emulsified products are expensive to create, contain unpleasant ingredients and typically have low concentrations of cannabinoids. These problems keep producers from incorporating cannabinoids in their products. We spent a lot of time and money on research and development for an emulsified powder that solves the problem. Our core product provides a tasteless, odorless, compact powder that can be easily incorporated in a wide variety of foods, beverages and nutraceutical products.”

In addition to this groundbreaking product, the company also sells its own line of CBD gummies, capsules, tinctures, and salves, and is delivering a product called TRU, a low-cost, disposable, road-side test that semi-quantitates delta-9 THC. Developed in partnership with Purdue University Northwest, TRU could provide law enforcement with an easy-to-use tool to distinguish hemp from marijuana in less than five minutes.

Building a Business without Rules

In terms on nutritional food space, the industry will continue languish until FDA releases its rules. “We are not going to see large scale acceptance until that happens. The general population will not find credibility in cannabinoid supplements until they see them on the shelves in large retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. These companies will not jeopardize their brands and reputation without clear federal direction. Once federal regulation is passed, these companies will demand rigorous quality testing of what goes on their shelf,” says Fazio. “Their onboarding process is strenuous. They look at background of company executives, labeling, science, supply chain, capacity and more. They don’t mess around.”

In the meantime, Fazio believes the industry needs to self-regulate and develop better marketing for products. “We need more professional descriptions of products. Labels must be FDA-compliant, medical claims must be avoided, dosing needs to be accurate, and producers need to secure cGMP and/or 21CFR111 accreditation. We owe it to the industry and the consumers of our products,” he says.

NIHC Advances Initiatives

As for membership in the NIHC, Fazio and Hemp Synergistics believes the organization has the right amount of influence to guide federal guidelines surrounding hemp products, and rules are what this industry needs for the next level of business.

“While we can all agree or disagree on the levels of THC and other details,” says Fazio, “the industry is not going to advance without rules. What people in business today do not consider is that these regulations will bring complexities to their business model. There will be strict standards that will require testing, certifications and more, and all that brings an expense with it. Companies need to prepare for this now, or they won’t make it to the next level.” At Hemp Synergistics, they are ready.

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