WASHINGTON – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday submitted to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) a proposal for CBD enforcement policy clearing the way for the agency to begin ensuring the safety of consumer CBD products.

“We see this as a very significant first step to provide some basic quality parameters for our industry and protect consumers from unscrupulous operators,” said Patrick Atagi, Chairman of the National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC).  “We continue to support the development of a full regulatory scheme for cannabinoid products but have said for quite some time that an enforcement discretion policy with appropriate requirements for industry is the best first step.”

In March, the NIHC formed the Consumer Protection Task Force, bringing together hemp industry leaders and allies to form recommendations and guide FDA’s work on enforcement discretion. The NIHC consumer protection task force is scheduled to meet with FDA on Monday.

It’s also expected today that the House of Representatives will pass a bill an agriculture spending bill that will include funding for the FDA to develop a framework for regulating CBD products.

“We believe that consumers have a right to know and today’s actions provide reassurance to consumers to know that there is an ongoing process to make sure the CBD products they’re taking are safe,” said Atagi.

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