WASHINGTON – Yesterday, the National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC) had the opportunity to share concerns with staff of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) focused on CBD processors and how the ongoing regulatory process could apply during the actual production process.

The agency listened to concerns from Board Chair Patrick Atagi; Dr. Jay Noller, the Director of the Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University and NIHC staff.

NIHC Board Chair Patrick Atagi today released the following statement:

“The DEA is aware of the concerns and doesn’t want to inhibit the burgeoning hemp industry. They have heard that message from Capitol Hill and from the industry.

“When the Farm bill was passed in 2018, the DEA noted they proactively did public education with the law enforcement community to help them understand the difference between marijuana and hemp. DEA committed to listen intently to the concerns of the industry, work toward sensible policy and do similar outreach which we believe would be appreciated.

“Our belief is the DEA is committed to providing maximum flexibility within the bounds of the Controlled Substances Act to guide the CBD industry. We do not believe they’re trying to shut down the industry, rather they’re focused on stopping illegal activity under the good name of hemp.”

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