Experts in Banking & Farm Credit for Hemp-related Businesses come together to share in a timely panel designed to provide insight on the financial sector of industrial hemp. If hemp is legal, why are so many hemp-related businesses struggling to find reliable banking partners? We delve into this hot topic with leaders who can provide an insider’s view.

Todd Van Hoose, Melissa Marsal, and Sundie Seefried share what attendees need to know about banking and farm credit for a hemp business, including how to find the right bank, review the risks hemp-related businesses take by banking with some institutions, and how to prepare for the additional scrutiny to obtain and retain a good banking relationship.

Todd Van Hoose is President and CEO of the Farm Credit Council, where he leads the national trade association’s efforts to represent the Farm Credit System’s interests before Congress, the Administration, and various federal regulatory agencies. He also serves on a variety of leadership bodies within Farm Credit, including the Presidents’ Planning Committee and the Business Practices Committee.

Melissa Marsal is Chief Operating Officer of West Town Bank & Trust and has been with the Bank for over a decade. She oversees all aspects of Operations and is also responsible for helping the Bank build a program uniquely tailored to the challenges of hemp-related businesses. Through the Bank’s partnership with RiskScout, Inc., they provide a client experience that reduces the time to open a bank account from weeks to a matter of hours.

Sundie Seefried is CEO of Safe Harbor Financial, located in Denver Colorado. She is the former CEO of Partner Colorado Credit Union and retired from her credit union career of 38 years to focus her full attention on cannabis banking. In 2014 instead of retirement, she designed a full scope Cannabis Banking Program known as the Safe Harbor program which has withstood the scrutiny of 15 Federal and State exams to date.

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