The National Industrial Hemp Council made an appearance on RFD-TV The Magazine ( this week reporting on the Hemp Checkoff program. Board member John Johnson, principal of Agricola, LLC, was interviewed on the overwhelming support and plans for the program. He discussed the merits of the Hemp Checkoff Program, including support from 8 out of 10 farmers according to the recent NIHC recent survey.

“We put the survey out, and 80% of folks felt that we need some time of program to promote consumer education about hemp, product education on hemp, and research into a whole variety of issues for hemp production and hemp for their processing,” Johnson says.

“75% or so were comfortable with assessment, minimal assessment, and see that as a valuable use of their dollars. This coincides with an Texas A&M found in a study several years ago that checkoffs return back to a farm $3 to $17 for every $1 invested.”

Click on video below to view the interview: