MAP Funding

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) is authorized by the 2018 Farm Bill to conduct the Agricultural Trade Promotion and Facilitation Program (ATPFP). ATPFP is a program that provides cost sharing to industries and helps them level the playing field against trade related barriers that impact their access to markets overseas. Included in ATPFP is the Market Access Program (MAP).

Through the Market Access Program (MAP), the US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) partners with U.S. agricultural trade associations, cooperatives, state regional trade groups and small businesses to share the costs of overseas marketing and promotional activities that help build commercial export markets for U.S. agricultural products and commodities.

MAP is designed to reach virtually every corner of the globe, helping to build markets for a wide variety U.S. farm and food products, including industrial hemp. FAS provides cost-share assistance to eligible U.S. organizations for activities such as consumer advertising, public relations, point-of-sale demonstrations, participation in trade fairs and exhibits, market research and technical assistance.

  • In 2020, $255 million for Agricultural Trade Promotion and Facilitation Program funds were requested with MAP receiving at least $200 million and the Foreign Market Development (FMD) program receiving at least $34.5 million. These vital funds will help rebuild the foreign market share of U.S. agricultural commodities, particularly at a time when U.S. farmers are struggling to produce in a global pandemic.
  • Since 2017, exports to China, our fourth largest export market have been halved. Growth in global trade overall sank to 1%, down from 4% in 2018 and 6% in 2017. Our formidable global competitors Argentina and Brazil have raced in to replace US suppliers. China’s imports from Brazil are up by $20 billion since 2017. Moreover, Australia and Russia saw exports to China grow by a similar amount.
  • These funds are available to all U.S. agriculture sectors including fisheries and forest product producers and are available to national organizations. MAP funds are cost-sharing programs, overseen by the FAS and require organizations like the NIHC to provide matching industry funds in order to be eligible to receive government program funds.MAP funds as part of the Agriculture Trade Promotion and Facilitation Program are an important resource for farmers in opening up markets so U.S. products can compete on a level playing field. These public-private partnerships open markets abroad and create jobs here at home.The NIHC calls for Congress to continue funding the agriculture trade promotion program which is an important mechanism to market U.S. grown hemp.