By Patrick Atagi, NIHC Board Chair

It’s 2021. It is the ubiquitous age of information where data flows freely online. Why would you choose to spend your time and energy, as well as your company’s resources on membership dues, to stay involved with the National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC)?That is a valid question – and one that we continue to answer each and every day. There is no shortage of organizations for those in the hemp industry in which to align themselves. However, we believe our reputation, our experience and our results speak for themselves. And it’s why we believe we’re the strongest voice to speak for the industry.

While NIHC membership does involve a cost, we sincerely believe the value we bring to your business is priceless. We believe in the profitable possibilities for the industry. We have vast expertise between the numbers of us who come together to collaborate under the NIHC umbrella to address challenging regulatory and congressional issues to clear a path forward.

We are also investing time, energy and resources to help build an industry where industrious hemp businesses can thrive.

At NIHC, everything we do is with you and your organization in mind to solve your informational and regulatory business challenges.

There are three overall reasons that the vast majority of successful associations hold value. They are:

  • Networking
  • Standardization
  • Personal & Professional Development

I want to evaluate each of these areas with a focus on how your participation in NIHC will not only help your business, they will further expand your personal development goals. Over the next couple of weeks, we will share the exciting opportunities that participation and membership in the NIHC can provide you and your business.

This week, I want to focus on Networking.

In Portland, Oregon in September of 2019, the NIHC held its first-everHemp Business Summit. The event sold out, and we even had to turn away people at the door. The value of meeting in-person was evident – NDA’s being signed in the lobby, the jet engine roar of the Monday evening reception, and attendees running out of business cards by the end of the meeting.

Last month, I attended the Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture (SASDA) in-person annual meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas. Just like at the first Annual NIHC Summit, we were able to secure new deals with a handshake, solidify existing industry relationships, and make new friends. It was amazing to be back with like-minded professionals.

While there, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture became a new member of NIHC, adding their membership to our existing state department of agriculture members. They saw the value of our efforts to unite the industry. It is times like this we know we are on the right path.

There really is no replacement for in-person meetings, shaking hands, hugging old friends, and having in-depth conversations in the lobby, then continuing over dinner. Business leaders have an innate desire to connect to other like-minded professionals. It is clear – that is what drives progress. And, networking is the first pillar of NIHC membership.

We invite you to come experience this for yourself in Washington, D.C. as we once again hold the Annual 2021 NIHC Hemp Business Summit, November 14-16, 2021 (see below). We’ve already lined up major farm organizations, state regulatory agencies, and national experts and research facilities to discuss the latest news  – people you need to meet and who need to meet you!

So whether you’re a farmer, processor, retailer, legal expert, or other expertise leveraging the hemp plant, there are numerous networking opportunities for you at NIHC’s annual event.

We welcome new members every week and it’s my sincere hope that you’ll consider joining the NIHC family if you’re not already yet a member. And we look forward to seeing old friends and new faces at the NIHC meeting in November.

For more information on membership, please visit the NIHC website.

NIHC’s 2021 Hemp Business Summit
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