Amy Ansel

Founder/CMO, Titan Bioplastics

With over two decades of IT program management experience at Microsoft, Amy Ansel has culminated a unique and effective way for people, assets and corporate initiatives to harmoniously work together. Amy considers herself a zealot for system and methods and believes love is in the details

Ansel’s strategic ideations are showcased in program she designed as a vendor on behalf of the Microsoft/HP Global Alliance. Her business dev mindset created an online asset exchange platform, saving Microsoft $300 million+ in event hardware rental fees as well as generating hundreds of millions of impressions with her exclusive ‘total show’ HP product placement methods, dominating for over 14 years as Microsoft’s ‘go-to market partner’. Amy’s online exchange program won awards for clients and supported a critical global relationship. 

When Microsoft launched their Surface laptop/tablet, and HP split in half (consumer/enterprise), Ansel knew it was time to move on and do something that made a difference in the world. She directed her attention to the industrial hemp industry, where her passion for sustainability could be quenched. 

Amy knows hemp has a reputation and she’s determined to change it for the earth’s sake. She’s committed to making hemp the keystone material playing a critical role in transforming the unsustainable. Sustainability faces many challenges and hemp can usher in superior composites. 

Ansel’s experience in strategic business development at Microsoft gave her an advantage in shifting business attitudes, so she sharpened her pencil and started to design once again, a fresh new program with purpose. 

Co-founder of Titan Bioplastics, Amy sees hemp as a prolific plant and as the cornerstone in the plant kingdom. She embraces Henry Ford’s vision of hemp being used as an advanced based material. Amy is ready to shift the global marketplace into the sustainable economy the UN calls for by 2030. It’s her passionate belief in a better world through hemp manufacturing and commercialization that sustains and stokes her tall order. 

Amy is mapping her skills, and expertise with her partner Tanya Hart, creating Titan verticals serving a global agenda in circular, sustainable economies. Titan is deploying large program pillars supporting the UN and Fortune 500 initiatives in sustainability. 

As a public speaking influencer, Amy has been engaging audiences at MJBiz Convention in Las Vegas, TEDx Seattle, The Power of She and appears on talk radio shows such as KLAY and The Lilian McDermott show. Amy enjoys spending time with family. Her small circus of 10 resides on the east side of Seattle, Washington.